A Study of the Japanese Diaspora in Peru


  • Misuzu Toba


Japanese Peruvians, cultural education


Peru is a Spanish-speaking country that is known for its large population of ethnic Japanese, or Nikkei Peruvians. Japan has also many Peruvians. The author conducted a survey in the two famous Nikkei schools in Lima in order to shed light on how Japanese linguistic culture is transmitted in school education. These case studies confi rmed that the schools were trying to transmit the Japanese ethos by such means as teaching the way Japanese people greet one another. The author also revealed that even in Peru’s key Nikkei schools, English teaching is prioritized over Japanese teaching. Moreover, it was revealed that non-Nikkei Peruvians play the important role in transmitting the Japanese language and culture in Peru.





Toba, M. (2015). A Study of the Japanese Diaspora in Peru. Siirtolaisuus-Migration, 42(2), 5–11. Noudettu osoitteesta https://siirtolaisuus-migration.journal.fi/article/view/89833